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How do I download the software?

In order to use your pedometer you will need to have the Sync software downloaded and installed on your computer, or else use the Virgin Pulse mobile app.  You will need to have the software or app in order to set the pedometer up and get it running, as well as to upload the steps from your pedometer once or twice a week.  (If you don't upload your steps the memory will get full and it will stop counting steps.)

Follow the steps below to download and install the Sync software:

Before starting, make sure you have permissions for downloading the software on the computer you are using.

1.  Visit https://member.virginpulse.com/secure/isync/download.aspx and choose which device you are using (Max or GoZone)

2.  Next, you'll need to choose which operating system you are installing the software to; either a Mac OS or a Windows

3.  Then, click on the Download button that appears below, and when the file download box appears, click 'Run'. If a security warning appears, click 'Run' again. 

3.  Click 'Yes' to install the software, then 'OK' when you're told that Sync is installed and running.

4.  An icon with the Virgin logo will appear in your task bar when the software is installed and ready to use.

Once the Sync software is ready, plug in your pedometer.  If the software doesn't launch automatically, you might need to click on the icon to launch it.  It will recognize your pedometer and prompt you from there.


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